Have you ever been captivated by a story you wished would never end?

Maybe you've laid on the grass on a summer day watching the clouds make shapes of puppies or ice cream cones and you wanted the moment to last forever.

Words can never express the moments that we carry in our minds.

I love a story, a long dreamy story, painted pictures in my mind. Snapshots of the memories that have created my life, experiences I hope I'll never forget.

I always wanted to write a book but could never find the words that satisfied the stories I wanted to tell. Then I found photography and the camera became my pen.


Now I get to be with people on the most important day of their lives.

I get to see the bride who is more beautiful than she has ever been in her entire life and I get to see the groom looking at her with a lump in his throat and a shimmer of tears in his eyes as he realizes that she  is his forever.

I get to tell a love story a thousand words cannot.

If you would like to share your story with your children and your grandchildren I would love to tell it.