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About Me

Hi my name is Nefertiti Bergen. I own Allure Studios in the Exchange. My journey started as a wedding photographer in 2015, and was the sole photography that I specialized in until 2020 when I opened the studio.

As a wedding photographer, I have photographed about 15-20 weddings per year since 2015. I have a lot of experience and love taking photos of couples on their most special day.

During the pandemic in 2020 I, lost my source of income as a wedding photographer and it affected me in many ways, not just my finances. Along with my couples who had to reschedule their wedding, I was right there with them and felt the devastation that the pandemic caused.

As wedding photography was uncertain, this was part of the reason why I made the shift to being a studio owner.

I got to thinking what if there was a way to do things simply for couples who are still wanting to get married and have a great experience, something like the little white chapel in Vegas but different.

As I have a beautiful space, and have the best second photographers and other friends in the wedding industry, I thought this would be a great experience to bring to Winnipeg couples, where they would not be stressed.

At first it started with just a thought and me mentioning to friends, who then mentioned what my idea was to their wedding friends, and we had the pleasure of hosting our first real wedding for December 7th , 2021 and it was a hit! Talk about a vision coming to life!

Since then we have been getting more couples inquiring and we decided that we are going to make this a thing!

I am a creative soul at heart, and the planning staging and design is all done by me and my team. I have the BEST team and we love what we do! I would love to connect with you if this is something that you think would work for you!